Lynn O’Shaughnessy will hold her next online class in February 2016.  Learn more when details are available by emailing her at



Two-Month Access To The Class

This course is ideal for busy parents like yourself since you can take the class at your own pace. You can stop in anytime during the eight weeks – the material will be waiting for you and it can be downloaded for future use.

Ask Lynn Questions

Parents frequently ask if they can hire me as a college consultant, but I don’t take private clients. This course, however, provides parents with a chance to ask me questions for the entire eight-week course. 

Attend Live Webinars

Interact in a Parent Forum

Inside the online classroom, you will be able to interact with me along with other parents, who enroll in my courses from across the country. 

I will hold three evening webinars during which I will share a lesson and answer your questions. These webinars, which will be staggered throughout the course, will be recorded so you can watch them at anytime in the future. 

“Lynn is a genius. She saved us 80k with our first son. No other financial aid advice has made me or saved me anywhere near six figures.”

Susan Lyon
Managing Director, Marketing Firm, DelMar, CA 

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Stressed About Paying For College?

I can help. I have developed a unique online course for you and other busy parents with teenagers that gives you a step-by-step blueprint to make college more affordable.
I expect my next class for parents will start in February 2016. If you would like more information about the upcoming class when it's available, please email me today at You will be among the first to be notified when I can share details about the latest class.
The College Cost Lab will help you cut through the noise, hype and misinformation and learn what you absolutely need to know to become a smart college shopper and potentially save yourself tens of thousands of dollars. 

“Your class has been utterly transformative in the way we approach the college search. I'm excited because I feel there's a whole new vista ahead with many more promising schools than I had originally thought.

Elizabeth Rosenblum, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of California San Diego

Laurence Stefan
Television Produce, Los Angeles, CA

“This course is a treasure for parents seeking the best academic and financial fit for college-bound kids. Lynn's expertise facilitated one child earning a full tuiton scholarship at Miami University and another an athletic scholarship at Stanford.

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 My Guide to Building the Perfect College List

Many families are confused about where to search for good college matches.
Enroll and you'll receive My Guide to Building the Perfect College List (55 page) that will provide answers. 
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If you’re wondering if this class is worth your time and money, I am happy to take all the risk. If you aren’t satisfied, you can receive a full refund during the first 30 days of the course. No questions asked.

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The price for this course, which is designed exclusively for parents, is $295. Spread over the two-month course, that breaks down to the cost of feeding a parking meter for a couple of hours. 

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Questions? If you have any questions about the course, I want to hear from you. Please email me at Lynn [at]

Dozens of Cost-Cutting Lessons

Inside the classroom, you will find dozens of lessons on such critical topics as financial aid, merit scholarships, where to find college bargains, best ways to borrow, boosting admission chances and how to evaluate the generosity of any school well before applying. 

When the class starts you’ll receive downloadable guides including a cheat sheet that will help you pinpoint whether you will qualify for financial aid or should seek merit scholarships, how 110 elite and selective colleges assess home equity and a list of 89 schools with the best financial aid.

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